About Us

Sri Balarishi Kudil

Sri Balarishi’s spirituality is based on inner experiences. Sri Balarishi Peetam serves as a platform where the various forms of those experiences and her life of Thapas are manifested. Balarishi says that where there is Thapas, simplicity and love in abundance, that is the right place where a man can fearlessly introspect himself.

Thapas –leads to a graceful life and indirectly serves as a motivation to several others to follow. In reality, what happens in Thapas is a bliss that makes one forget his self identity. Simply stated, Thapas leads to love and peace. To lead everyone to keenly observe this love in themselves and to make them understand that life becomes meaningful due to love in spirituality is the purpose of Sri Balarishi Peetam.

Sri Balarishi Peetam is Sri Balarishi’s cottage. It came into existence when she was 12 years old." Change as "Sri Balarishi Peetam was founded when Sri Balarishi was 12 years old

Sri Balarishi has by nature subtle spiritual techniques like Sri Vidhya –a Kundalini process. That experience serves as a driving force for her to explain the various steps to spirituality. For that purpose, a temple for Sri Kundalini Devi has been consecrated as per the Siddhas tradition in Sri Balarishi Peetam, known as Sri EashaKundalineshwari temple.