Baava Dharshana

Bhava Dharshana is a unique and an effective meditation program based on divine, rhythmic sound patterns. This practice reduces stress, anger and frustration, bestows a state of peace, love and harmony, broadens perception and improves concentration and productivity.

Breathing with awareness has an in deph cleansing quality. Breath coupled with sound has an intense positive impact on the self and the layers of our mind. Through Bhava Dharshana, we can learn to eliminate internal blocks of the mind, which is otherwise hidden beyond normal awareness. It helps one to be more connected to people, nature and divinity.

‘Bhava Dharashana is a 6-7 hours program (across 3 sessions). The course culminates with an initiation.

“Intellect if alone is a barrier.Intellect in tune with the intuition and inner nature is an effective tool to evolve.”
~ Sri Balarishi