Sri Balarishi

A Guru, A Mystic, A Yogini, Balarishi Sri Vishwashirasini

Balarishi Sri Vishwashirasini is a young, vibrant and a realized yogini who hails from a Siddha descent. Her spiritual vivication occurred at a very tender age of 9 and since then she has embarked on the sacrosanct journey to commit herself entirely in the realm of the divine. “The best sadhana is spreading love” as She believes in has led her to probe deeply into the current worriment that the humanity is faced with, out of her unconditional compassion and benevolence to all beings. She sees spirituality as the solution that will quench the thirst for wisdom that every human is seeking and provides a divine alternative. She facilitates people to have access with the core of Indian philosophies and walk along the path of the mystics.

Her spiritual journey manifested itself at Her very tender age and through the grace of the Siddhas she had her first spiritual experience. Of the Siddhas, Bhaguladevi samedha Sri Kaagabujandar filled and continues to fill her inner self. The blessings and divinity of the Siddhas blossomed in her mind as sound vibrations and beyond that they became rhythmic

Manthras, which started transforming into an underlying tone for meditation. Through the guidance of the Siddhas, she had memories of one of her previous births, in which she remembered having led a life of Thapas in the Holy Suruli Hills. She travelled to these hills at the young age of ten itself.

The next stage of her spiritual journey led her to – SHIVAM – her dhyana swarams – her dhyana mantras – subtly transformed in Shiva layam – as Shiva manthras within her inner self. This led to her finding answers to some unexplainable inner questions at Kashi Peetam.

Sri Balarishi shares the fruit of her spiritual experiences through distinctive sessions based on sound and kriya techniques. As the karmic structure differs for each individual, she personally initiates seekers with spontaneous methods based on these techniques.

Sri Balarishi is not only a mystic but also an authentic poet, an author and a well renowned speaker. Amidst Her mission to deliver relentless service to the humanity, she also rejoices spending time in nature, enjoying divine music, talking long walks and connecting with Her devotees personally and individually. She is the most inimitable Mother anyone could ever have. One of the best ways to earn her love is to shower unconditional love and compassion to any kind of a living being.