Diksha (Sanskrit), in other words, Initiation.
Dik – direction and ksha- cutting off.

Diksha or an Initiation is a very unique aspect between a Guru and a disciple. It is a concealed technique given to the right disciple who is truly prepared and eligible to take that initiation. It is mainly a process where a seeker travels in a given direction and the unknown interference and blocks are cleansed or seared.
There are many different ways where Diksha can be taken.

NayanaDiksha – Initiation from Guru’s eyes

It is one of a kind as there will be no verbal conversation to know, or to understand or even to a logical contemplation. In other words, no analytical interference.

A direct energy from a Guru is transferred to the pursuer. An advanced and a very rare initiation method. A seeker at this stage can certainly know the transformations in them.

When a spiritual Guru or an evolved soul is met, a thoughtful clarity and harmony is felt simply with an eye contact. It explains the Guru’s aura, radiance and the blessing has reached the seeker where he/she feels one and only the energy of Guru in the form of inner peace for a few moments.

SparshaDiksha – Initiation by touch

A more obvious and another advanced method where the seeker really knows where to focus. Initiation by touch is usually given either on the crown or between eyebrows. Yogis can simply transfer their penance power and energy just by seeing (nethradrishti) or by touching.

Mantra diksha – Initiation through Mantra

Mantra diksha is the most exclusive and an intense methodology from a beginner to an advance seeker. The Mantra initiation given for kundalini Sadhana (a dedicated practice or learning). It takes a seeker more easily from Dharana (concentration) to Dhyana(profound meditation)

Mantra initiation cleanses a beginner’s unfocussed mind and gradually penetrates into the seekers karmic realm. Eventually the vibration of Mantra purifies the seeker which also helps to evolve from the karmic cycle.

The absolute process of a Mantra is, it has to be initiated through a Guru and to be followed according to the guidances of Guru.

This type of Initiation is decided by the Guru when the disciple is eligible and receptive. It connects with the inner realm and brings a strong sankalpa(solemn vow) to the pursuer’s life where he/she is always connected with the Guru and carries the knowledge to life and after life.

@ Sri Balarishipeetham the mantra initiation is the primary method followed. Initiation is given by Sri Balarishi during Guru Poornima and Vijayadasami for selected seekers.