Association – It is the ABC of the journey of life. A child from mother’s womb, is born and acquires everything through the association. Association with society, family and friends has its own impact in a perceiving mind.

Association makes a huge impact on reaching one’s goal or desire. Worldly Association is for materialistic growth and wellbeing. Spiritual association is for inner wellbeing. Sathsang which is also for inner wellbeing, is a spiritual association.

‘I’ is the ego of every individual which identifies itself with the world when it is awake. During this stage, he is aware of himself, aware of his identity or individuality, aware of external worlds. He feels pain, sorrow, love and joy. This conscious state is called Jagrat. We live with the active individuality where the goals of life, ambitions and desires happen. But, when a person enters in to the state of sleep (swapna), there is no pain, no identity, no consciousness, completely nothing; only the existence.

For a seeker, it is absolutely important to be aware of the state of being awake, be aware of the actions. If one wants to follow the path of meditation, the path of nada yoga, the path to evolve from karmic realms, to expand oneself in love, to expand oneself with inner peace, then, SATHSANG – association with wise people plays a unique role.

The wise association keeps your experience, energy, receptivity ignited. Whereas the person who doesn’t experience or go through this idea can completely dilute your energy by diverting your thoughts with irrelevant inputs.

Inner wellbeing starts with the association of the wise people and it’s called Sathsang

An association to realize the truth of God;

the truth of nature;

the truth of existence;

the truth of the Self.

A person who share’s and contributes for your inner wellbeing is called your GURU. A Guru is the one who lights your path of your inner realms and consistently be there in your journey.

Sri Balarishi share’s her experiences and guidance in her sathsang periodically. Please check here for the upcoming sathsangs.